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At Out of the Box Manufacturing, we stand behind our unparalleled commitment to providing the most reliable, highest-quality products and services in the industry. We invite you to see what some of our clients already know firsthand - that at Out of the Box Manufacturing, we provide intelligent manufacturing that exceeds expectations.

"Out of the Box has distinguished itself relative to competitors on price, quality and customer service. We went through several short runs of prototype and evaluation boards where Out of the Box had less-than-perfect documentation to work from, and clear communication was critical in sorting through the uncertainties.


Out of the Box did an excellent job of helping us sort through component supply challenges as well. The efficiency and good nature with which Erica, the program manager on our account, was able to field inquiries and sort through problems is doubtless one of the reasons Out of the Box is able to deliver short runs economically. The boards we’ve received have been rock solid and we look forward to collaborating on many more."

Bob Mighell

Tilting Motor Works

"We have worked with Out of Box Mfg. since 2016 and have been very satisfied with their services. The boards are always high quality. They have been very flexible and responsive to all our needs. Their turn key services have really allowed us to have a trusted partner for handling all of our board manufacturing and component sourcing needs."

Jain Harsh

Katalyst Fitness

“dBMEDx Inc. started working with Out of the Box Mfg in 2015 after deciding to look around for a new CM. From our very first small job to our flagship bladder scanning device prototype, they made any problem I had, their problem. They are very flexible and are fast to turn around product, quotes, and e-mail. They have excellent quality and truly excel at problem solving. Over the years, they have grown and moved a couple of times into ever bigger facilities, but have not lost the small company touch. They behave not simply as a vendor for hire but as a true partner.”

Bill Barnard

Chief Technical Officer; dBMEDx Inc.

"Out of the Box Manufacturing is my go-to source for all printed circuit board assemblies. They offer a broad range of high-quality services, but what truly sets them apart from their competitors is the close relationship they develop with their customers. Instead of providing a service, they become a member of the team."

Mike Bathurst


"Out of the Box Manufacturing has been an absolute marvel in implementing engineering design changes in some of our current inventory, preventing the need to scrap expensive circuit board assemblies. They also used their X-ray capabilities to find and remove solder balls under components from a previous CM. Everyone at OBMfg is such a pleasure to work with, and they have proven that they can deliver every time!

Kyle Henderson

Manufacturing Liason; Evluma

"Out of the Box Mfg has been a huge asset to us while working through prototyping and pre-production electronics assembly. The team at OBMfg is very easy to work with, great at catching potential issues before they become production nightmares, and now that they are beginning our production runs, they have been fantastic in stepping up to the plate with pricing that truly can't be beat. They are also very innovative in finding ways to keep your production costs down!"

Phil Ahrens

Product Development Director; Differential Energy Global, Inc.