SYP - Investing in Future Leaders in Manufacturing

We believe an investment into future leaders in manufacturing is valuable for all of us in the industry and each month continue to find ways to offer support.

Today we are taking a moment to let you know of a new project developed with CAMPS that focuses on students and young professionals.


To make the program a success, we are inviting you to provide thought leadership, tours, or recommendations.

There are three ways you (or someone on your team) can help:

  1. Provide feedback and suggestions about how to ensure the success of the Student & Young Professional Group.
  2. Provide virtual tours or virtual presentations of STEAM concepts or skills for those in the SYP Group.
  3. Recommend young people to join the group and participate.


If you know of someone who is a future leader in your company, this can be an opportunity for their further development.

Your assistance will help young professionals, and students to discover fulfilling and exciting careers in manufacturing and technology.

Can you let me know of your interest? You can respond
by email, or call 253-214-7448, or use the
form here.

We look forward to hearing of your interest as we take on this important mission!

Be sure to leave a comment, question or suggestion below!