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supply chain

Securing Defense-Critical Supply Chains - PSBJ

Top national security priorities impacted by procurement challenges are highlighted in a February report by the Department of Defense. The report includes information about missile systems, high-capacity batteries, metals and composites and microelectronics. It outlined a supply chain resiliency effort that included bolstering workforce efforts, cybersecurity…

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Supply Chain Challenges: Mehdi Badr is Guest Speaker at Recent Mastermind

Supply has always been challenging, but now it's the biggest hurdle. Supply Chain is the #1 risk for a small company launching with an EAU (Estimated Annual Usage) in the low thousands. 

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America's Supply Chain Crunch [Masterminding]

On November 29th, there was news about how President Biden had a roundtable meeting with a group of major retailers and consumer product manufacturers to discuss rising prices and supply chain problems that have resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic. Our mastermind group continues to brainstorm, research, and understand material shortages and logistics issues along with…

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